Introduction and Request

Thanks for coming along and taking a look.  The object of this blog is to provide some resources for managers of language teaching organisations, and to invite people to contribute their own questions, ideas, suggestions, problems and general chat.

To that end, what I need from  you the reader is your input.  In particular, I’d like to have a weekly “agony” column where you post in your management problems/issues/current difficulties (it can be from managers or from teachers who feel they have a management problem), and one or two leading experts from the field (and me, not necessarily part of that group), will respond with our suggestions/ideas.

Send problems/issues/questions here!

I will also post other stuff, so don;t feel you have to wait for weeks at a stretch to check back 🙂

11 Responses to “Introduction and Request”

  1. lclandfield Says:

    Nice looking blog, and welcome to the blogosphere with this one! I will be passing it on to friends and people I know and following your progress. Good luck with it!

  2. Sara Hannam Says:

    Hi Andy,Happy to retweet and circulate this info on your new blog! Would personally love a discussion on ethical management in ELT. A question I have is how do managers cope with the restructurings and downsizings that are so much part of this current ELT climate when they are feel ethically compromised with decisions made in higher levels of management – so I guess that affects middle management mainly. I know there is a lot in the literature at the moment about “management of change” but the few bits I’ve read that does seem to make the problem more of an individual one (i.e. problems of adaption) rather than systemic (i.e. people losing their jobs). Maybe you can help me accesss a wider range of opinion on this. I have read some interesting stuff of late from critical management/marketing studies which might be of interest.
    Good luck

  3. Shaun Wilden Says:

    IHWO are just about to launch their online version of the DoS skills course (you tutored on the last f2f one :-)) so I’ll add the blog to the course reading 🙂 Good luck with it.

  4. Nik Peachey Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Starting is a huge first step, so congratulations. Here’s an ‘agony’ column question. In my experience I have come across a lot of ELT managers / adminstrators who have only a very limited knowledge of the web and its potential and tend to distrust, limit and control the way teachers use it.

    How do we educate or encourage our managers / administrators to become better educated about what the web can do and the real issues and potential surounding its use?

    Hope that’s not too much of a techie start.

    Good luck with the blogging.

    Nik Peachey

  5. adhockley Says:

    Thanks Lindsay. keep checking back!

    Great idea Sara. Sounds like a great topic for the blog. Just the kind of thing I was looking for. (I think there are two issues in your question though – the issue of downsizing (etc) as a response to economic downturns; and the issue of being a middle manager being forced to enact decisions that you may not agree with. And then there’s a blurry bit between the two – e.g. To what extent can the middle manager influence/change policy decisions?). Anyway, I’ll make this the second topic for the blog (am already writing something on teacher observations)


  6. Sara Hannam Says:

    Look forward to it Andy! Just tweet any new entries and I am happy to join. Agree with your division of issues completely.

  7. adhockley Says:

    Thanks Shaun.

    Thanks for the suggestion Nik. That definitely sounds like a good topic to work with too (and of course next year’s IATEFL Leadership and Management SIG pre-conference event is on the same issue ). Would you be interested in being one of the leading experts from the field mentioned in the opening post to help respond to that issue?

  8. Maureen McGarvey Says:

    Thanks for starting this, Andy – I’ll link this to my online management training courses [] so that course participants have somewhere to go after their course finishes! I’m interested that you are writing on teacher observations – again, I have a module on that topic because it’s one of the things that new [and indeed experienced] educational managers find really difficult. I think this is partly because all our experience of being observed comes from assessed training courses sich as CELTA or a Diploma course. So, we uncoosciously adopt the same approach, which isn’t really appropriate for practising teachers. I’m looking forward to reading your post and others’ comments!

  9. Marina González Says:

    Hello everyone!
    Great news that you’ve started this blog. Congratulations! I teach ELT Management for English teachers at Universidad CAECE in Argentina in the distance mode, so it is crucial for us to count with web resources for teachers. I am also DoS at a language school for adults.
    I like this”agony column” idea, since this is mostly what we feel everyweek.
    I subscribe to the comment on the role of observations. I am particularly interested in two issues: how to manage “educationally”, that is using our tools as educators and not leaving our principles behind “administrative visions of the world”, and crisis management, i.e. Here at home, all schools had to close down for two weeks at least due to the AH1N1 Influenza in the middle of the term!! Quite a challenge it has been!
    Well, looking forward to this exchange 🙂

  10. adhockley Says:

    Thanks Maureen. As you’ll now see the topic as I have addressed it doesn’t really get to the angle you mention – but I think there’s definitely another post in the “teacher observation as professional development tool – and how to do one/and set up systems for peer observations” line.

    Thanks also Marina. Your crisis management story sounds like it is one that is going to be a real issue everywhere soon (you will be surprised to learn perhaps that yours is the third story this week alone I’ve heard -direct from the source itself in each case- about language teaching organisations that have been hit with H1N1)

  11. alexcase Says:

    Thanks for linking to me. I’ve got a whole page on ELT management on my blog somewhere, but hadn’t done anything with it in a while until I just stuck a link to here on there. Thought this link might also interest you:

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