Praise for “From Teacher to Manager”

I’m half way through writing a post about feedback, which I will hopefully get finished tomorrow, but in a happy coincidence I have just received some feedback regarding the book after which this blog is named.  And it’s very positive, so I thought I’d puff my chest out a bit and share it. A genuine blog post will follow soon I promise.  Happy New Year to anyone who happens across this!

The message below came from our contact at CUP (the publisher):

As you may be aware, we recently entered your book From Teacher to Manager in the The Duke of Edinburgh ESU English Language Book Award 2009. Unfortunately it didn’t win a prize, but it was shortlisted and received some exceptionally positive feedback, which I’ve pasted below for your information. Well done! Please visit for more information on the award.

Feedback from Duke of Edinburgh ESU English Language Book Award panel:

From Teacher to Manager: Managing Language Teaching Organizations by Ron White, Andy Hockley, Melissa Laughner and Julie van der Horst Jansen

This entry received universal praise from all judges and indeed was on the final shortlist. The judges felt this was a ‘vital book’ and a ‘serious and comprehensive’ guide to an absolutely crucial, but perhaps overlooked, area of the ELT industry – namely the strategic and operational management of language teaching operations. It was collectively felt that not only did the book address this, but that it did so ‘professionally and with an imagination which reflected the creative and educational best of the ELT industry itself’.

The approach of the book, particularly the use of operational models and case studies ranging from a Greek Frontisteria to a Japanese chain to a language unit as part of a Middle Eastern university, allowed for a range of institutional models with differing priorities, problems and imperatives. Throughout the book, the task-approach for readers  was ‘immensely beneficial to learning and understanding’ and, given that potentially the prime target audience is teachers and directors of studies already within LTOs, the techniques employed were considered ‘ highly appropriate’.

The judges felt that this was a truly exceptional book and that it should have a powerful and beneficial impact on the ELT industry and was worthy of the highest praise. At the same time, they felt that it did not ultimately qualify for the Duke of Edinburgh ESU English Language Book Award since the emphasis of the Award criteria is upon excellence specifically within the practice of English Language Teaching.