If anybody would be willing to complete a very short survey on communication issues in your language teaching organisation, I’d be very happy 🙂


This is for a bit I’m doing on “Internal Communication in a web2.0 world – what do we need to bear in mind?” for the IATEFL Leadership and Management SIG Pre Conference Event on Wednesday April 7th in Harrogate.  For anyone who is interested the full programme of the day is as follows:

Technology and Innovation for Leaders and Managers

Nik Peachey:Technologies for teachers (what your teachers should be using/familiar with)
Arthur McKeown:New learning technologies for managers
Andy Hockley: Internal Communication in a web2.0 world – what do we need to bear in mind?
Maureen McGarvey: Managing online courses
Gavin Dudeney: Web 2.0 for Marketing

I will also, of course, post any findings and something from my talk on here as soon as possible!

3 Responses to “Communication”

  1. Sputnik Says:

    Done! That looks like a great line-up, by the way. I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. vicki hollett Says:

    Very interesting questions. I have tried to respond, but I’m not sure survey monekey has accepted my reponses. Perhaps I wrote too much?

    • Andy Hockley Says:

      Thanks sputnik and Vicki!. If you did it today, Vicki, I think it didn’t go through, since I only have responses up to yesterday. Not sure why?

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