My TV debut

I was on live TV this morning at Harrogate IATEFL, and now my performance is available in recorded form. Talking about the Leadership and Management SIG, challenges for new managers, and professional development

4 Responses to “My TV debut”

  1. Neil Barker Says:

    I like the point you made about good teachers not necessarily making good managers after a promotion. I wonder how hard it is for someone who has been in a manager’s role for a few years to go back to the classroom? I saw this in a previous job, but never had a chance to ask the manager/teacher if it was easy to switch roles at a moment’s notice.

  2. Alan Tait Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Glad to have found your blog. Just a techie question – would you be able to set up an RSS feed? (Or have I missed it?)

    All the best,


    • Andy Hockley Says:

      Hi Alan
      You’re not the first to ask – there is an RSS feed, but apparently some people can’t make it work. I think it might be a browser issue – on my firefox it shows up with no problems, but a couple of others can’t access it. I am not proficient enough to fix it, I fear


  3. Julie Says:

    Nice Job, Andy! 🙂

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