How to be a Bad Manager

A few weeks ago I did my first ever Pecha Kucha at an event in Moscow.  For those who are not sure, pecha kucha is a presentation format in which you have 20 slides each of which is on screen for 20 seconds exactly.  The presenter’s job is to do the resultant 6 minute 40 second presentation, while the slides automatically advance.  Before the following performance I have to confess that not only had I never done one before, but I’d never even seen one done, so it was all a bit of a stab in the dark.

Anyway, without further ado, “How to be a Bad Manager”:

9 Responses to “How to be a Bad Manager”

  1. MarianSteiner Says:

    Really enjoyed this, Andy. Great way of twisting it all round and very accurate indeed!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Josh Lange Says:

    Hi Andy,

    You’re a funny guy. Almost as funny as Stephen Krashen when giving presentations. The problem with funny guys is that I have so much fun that I forget what you talked about except how much I laughed. The relevance of the photos and the analogies were great, and I’m sure it was refreshing to the audience.

  3. Vicki Hollett Says:

    Oh great job! Loved the pictures. (Except that one with the desk which looked uncomfortably close to home. Argh) Points well and beautifuly made.

  4. John Rogers Says:

    Hi Andy,

    really nice job with this presentation. I just wanted to drop a note and say that I built a lesson around this video for my advanced Business English class.

    It went over really well with the students–particularly the bit about the mushrooms, which amused them to no end.


  5. Easy Business English class idea | Rogers is (soon to be) in Qatar Says:

    […] I used the video of Andy Hockley’s Pecha Kucha Presentation on “How to be a bad manager” with a few of my classes and, I have to say, this makes for an easy Business English […]

  6. Jason Renshaw Says:

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this presentation, Andy, and how much I related to it!

    In fact, I was so inspired, I made a blog post out of it myself here:

    Thanks very much, Andy. I really do hope to see more pecha kuchas from you in future!

    All the best,

    – Jason

  7. Anne Says:

    The worst Manager I ever had was In Tefl.Her method was to take one into her office and scream. She did it so well that I left my job and Efl for good. She was a brilliant Manager eh?

    • Andy Hockley Says:

      She sounds like a fantastic bad manager. Sorry to hear this Anne

      • Anne Says:

        YES, what annoyed me was the Staff reps refusal to assist as the school had a grievance procedure. The following people told me I was being bullied: a solicitor, a trade union rep from another profession, a line manager and a regional manager from yet another profession.They said employers had no grounds for their treatment of me. What is crazy is staff rep refused to let them help me and yet expected me to return to the school and be friends.TU rep advised impossible after the harrassment.A medical examination again by an impartial person advised “I do not know what has happened to you but you need to get rid of something.Someone has done something to you” Eventually I was admitted to hospital wher I was treated and was better afterwards. New employer is Equal Ops and I am a Manager now. A reasonable one, Ihope.

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